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“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.”

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22 March - 09 April

It was the very first time that we met. It feels like it was a long time ago and I miss you terribly much Baby.
On the first two gifs he was still on his way to me, I was unbelievable nervous, I never felt that nervous in my life. I arrived at the airport around 30 minutes earlier, and silly as I am, I ended up going to the wrong direction and I had to ask where I should go and eventually I got to the right place. I walked around, always checking my phone for news, looking at the gate every now and then until he texted me saying he arrived and he was waiting for his luggage and at that point, boy was I nervous, but also extremely excited and happy. He said he would text me as soon as he get his luggage, but of course, he did not, and he caught me by surprise when I saw him appear at the gate but seeing him, there, in front of me it was the most amazing feeling I ever experienced, specially when we hugged and when he hugged me even tighter.
Now, only 31 days until all of this happens again and I cannot wait.
I love you baby.